My favourite Barmaid

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Occasionally I like to go out alone to a friendly pub, not far from home. It's a very typical English pub in all manner of ways and serving traditional ails. Good food served on plates, none of your overrated restaurant type and in winter, a roaring fire to greet you as you walk in. The staff are amiable, and when the place is full of visitors, my pint is always pulled. The best time is usually lunch when there are few people about as it's a country pub, so I get to talk to the staff and pass the time. Now, I might be considered too mature and old-fashioned by them. Still, they always listen, and we have a good conversation.

One wet lunchtime I arrived to find Sharon on her own. Now there are at least a good few years between us, but that doesn't stop me admiring the younger opposite sex when I am aloud. Sharon is a tiny 5' 3", with a curvaceous body, dark shoulder-length hair with blond streaks running through it. Her dark Green eyes shimmer with a sexy twinkle when she looks at you. She is obliged to wear a black dress or skirt for work, but being the little minx, she is Sharon will wear clingy clothes revealing her figure and sticky out bum. We were discussing idly the ways of the world this particular lunchtime when the air of conversation changed inexplicably. Sharon started to tell me about a dream she had and on more than one occasion.

“I was standing in a bar holding the hand of my daughter looking at the menu board,” she said before turning away. I jokingly told her that I was an expert in such matters, always having daughters in both my marriages. Sharon gave a sigh and grin as she turned to serve the customers who had just come in, and the conversation ended. My other half Jane (also a customer) was away in the USA on business which Sharon knew about. So, at the end of her shift that afternoon, we both left together, and it began to rain, Sharon's car would not start, so I offered her a lift as she only l lived a couple of miles from me.

By now the rain was getting heavier, being the friendly serving wench (our joke) she is, Sharon, offered me a coffee. So dashing from the car we got a little wet on the way. Once inside, Sharon pointed to the bathroom; “you can grab a towel in there” she said pointing and slipped into another room. Drying off I followed only to find it was her bedroom.

"Here let me get this off you" undoing my damp shirt before suddenly realised what she was doing as she stopped. “sorry” she whispered. Shying away looking like the little chastised child with puppy dog eyes.

"Don't stop?” I said, dropping the towel and running my fingers through her wet hair,
"It's ok," I said smiling, lifting her chin up slightly, kissing those soft succulent lips, not once, but twice, the second a little longer and becoming more passionate.
"if you're trying to seduce me" I whispered with a smile, "let me do it" and kissing her again and a little longer. Finding her soft neck as she pulled back a little and our eyes met in a sweet, curious stare, there was no need to say anything, and our lips met again with more passion and intention.

Gently I pulled the zipper of a very wet dress down to meet her slender hips. Looking at me with a smile, Sharon gave a little wiggle, the dress slipped off her shoulder and dropped to the floor as she put both arms around my neck, mine holding her waist, giggling she kicked it off, while I steadied her.

She slowly let her head drop against my bare chest, affording me a pleasant waft of damp hair mixed with perfume, her perfume. Black Opium a sweet fragrance that completed her dark and mysterious side. One I had never seen before. Glancing over her shoulder was a picture of delight. In the mirror was a woman, younger than me, wearing slightly clingy matching Miami cut set of almost see-through bra and knickers. Needless to say, I was really getting hard for her, and she knew it.
Slowly she dropped to her knees, not taking her eyes away from mine, a grin across her face. I stood there, my hands gently resting on her shoulders. She pulled out my belt and pulled it out and threw it away, easing my trousers down. A very prominent hard bulge gave her a big smile. “All mine” she quietly said, caressing and teasing wither hand before slipping my briefs down, releasing a very hard cock that sprang out at her. “Wow” she whispered, eyes-rolling and taking it in hand, I smiled down at her as she gently pulled back the skin and took it into her mouth, caressed her shoulders and ran my fingers through her hair.

That sensation you get of pure lust in the pit of your stomach was rising, the one when a woman you're going to fuck, touches you in this way is pure magic. I pulled her up gently, and we slipped back onto the bed. Sharon looked up at me now knowing she was utterly accessible but leaving her very excited. Her nipples straining against her see-through bra was straining for release which I obliged with the flick of expert fingers. Taking each one was a delight, soft, smooth skin and the hardening sensitive nipple in the middle, Sharon drew a sharp breath, her head rocked back as I touched her. She let me play for a while as the situation became more electrically charged, Sharon, mentioning the dream had turned the heat up full in my mind. I continued to kiss her breast, her neck and mouth, my free hand caressing a wet patch in her knickers, I slipped my fingers inside, touching a damp shaven pussy. She gave an involuntary thrust with her hips as I ran my fingers over the honey pot. First one, then a second finger slipping inside, my thumb resting against her clitoris. Sharon gave a jerk, and her legs closed, holding my hand between them as her eyes rolled and closed as an orgasm hit. When she relaxed slightly. I propped myself up and looked at her wet honey pot. Leaning over I gave it a kiss as she flinched again, this was nice and sensitive, I thought as I gently parted her legs. Catching her e

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Notes When a quiet drink in the local and someone confides in a dream they had, a wet afternoon becomes a long-lasting affaire making some dream come true.
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