Fuck Toy Ch. 1: Orgasms are Contagious

Story 1: Fuck Toy Ch. 1: Orgasms are Contagious
  • Story 1: Fuck Toy Ch. 1: Orgasms are Contagious
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Tap, tap, tap. The sound of the hammer on the last nail reverberated loudly throughout the small room. Chris stepped back, bent to pick up the last picture frame and slid it gently into place on the wall. He stepped back to admire his handiwork. The cool turquoise colors of the wall matched perfectly with the photo, a close-up shot of a starfish shot through sparkling clear water on a beach far, far from here. It was an original shot and the view brought back the memories.

He could almost smell her hair; could just sense the echo of her laughter on the tropical breeze. A momentary pain lanced through him. That was then, and this was now. He sighed and flopped back against the couch he'd set up along the side of the room, allowing the memory to linger as he set down the hammer and pulled out his phone.

It had been about two months since she'd left him. A short note on the table had demarcated the ending of their short, but passionate relationship. She'd jotted it down on a sticky note. Thrust it onto the table amongst the bills, junk mail, and assorted bits that had accumulated in their apartment. It had read:

Sorry Babe. It's just not enough. I need something more!
Becky XO ☹

She hadn't given him a hint of warning and that last exclamation point had to have been the most hurtful bit of punctuation he'd ever seen. But there it was, wasn't it, and that was that.

A few weeks later he'd found a person to sublet to, packed his things, and driven here. It was only a hundred miles or so away from where he'd grown up and not so different really. It was the same tiny midwestern town, just populated by different people. Yet, it seemed like the perfect place to find his bearings and start a new life. A place where he could surround himself with the familiar without having to deal with the echoes of his past. Besides, real estate was cheap. He'd picked up this little commercial building for a song and the house he'd purchased just down the street hadn't been much more expensive.

Shaking his head he glanced around the room and realized he was finished. Everything had been freshly painted, new trim to match the new floor. The pictures were hung, his table was in place. A fountain burbled in the waiting room, and the air smelled of lavender and sage. He could open for business tomorrow. Today, he had the rest of the afternoon to kick back.

He glanced at his phone, flipped open his Twitter account, and looked at the feed. He flipped past the pictures from his friends back in Florida, not really wanting to see what they'd gotten up to. He scrolled over, flipped open his alt account, and leaned back.

His hand made a slow walk toward his crotch as his gaze wandered over a picture of a voluptuous redhead. She was nude, her face and tits glazed in cum from the cock that hovered just beyond her mouth. Her smile seemed genuine, like it was Christmas morning and she'd just been given exactly what she wanted. He kept scrolling, imagining his cock in place of all the others, probing her ass, banging against the back of her throat, buried deep inside her as they gazed intently into one another's eyes.

It wasn't long before he was throbbing and hard. He felt the first drops of precum rising, making their way slowly up his cock. His desire had begun to take him. He could feel it, thick, pungent, hanging in the air, like a slow rolling fog over the Everglades.

He shucked off his jeans, strode across the room to the closet where he'd stashed his favorite fleshlight and bottle of lube. He sighed, knowing that it was all he had to give him relief, and there was no light shining at the end of that tunnel. At least not for the present. He layed back down on the couch and resumed scrolling, landing on a short video of a woman on her knees, gazing haughtily up at her partner while she licked along the edges of his helmet. He moaned lowly. Fuck, that would feel so good right now!

He stripped off his boxers, glancing momentarily at the window. Even though it was ten feet down to the ground outside and there were no windows to peep from across the alley he didn't need any rumors flying. Small towns don't forget that sort of thing.

He tossed his boxers on the floor and picked up the fleshlight, whetting the lips of his silicon lover with a thick drop of precum. He slid her across his shaft, mimicking the motions of the woman he was watching. She was decorated head to toe in ink and she licked her lips as she teased her blindfolded lover with her wet, shaved pussy.

He teased his cock for a while, allowing the toy to caress every side of his shaft, teasing his head, and moaning a little as the warm, heavy sensations flickered through his body. After a while he put down the phone so that he could work the toy with both hands. He began to growl now and then when the warm pool of cum he kept locked in his balls would pulse and threaten to overwhelm his control.

He set the toy down, and reached into his jeans for his air pods, rapidly flicking them into his ears. He enabled the Bluetooth on his phone and scrolled through his DMs to find the one he was after. One of his followers had sent him a link to an audio she'd recorded for him. It was a montage recording of several orgasms she'd had and he felt his heart thud as her familiar voice filled his ears. After a brief intro, in which she detailed, very vividly, what she was imagining when she recorded these, the recording cut right into her first, intense orgasm.

Chris lubed the toy and slid it between the cushions of the couch. He probed shallowly at first, imagining her writhing beneath him as he teased her. When her second orgasm began to break he slid in deep, feeling the bliss of tight, wet, pussy suddenly surrounding him. He savored that for a while before he grunted loudly and began to thrust.

She was on her fourth orgasm when he began to pant and moan loudly. The couch slapped against the wall as he thrust hard and deep

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Notes A new masseuse in a small town finds relief at the end of his work day while a bored doctor is curious about her new neighbor in the office next door. As she is finishing work one evening a sound catches her ear, leading to an awakening of desire that she hadn't anticipated.
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