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Episode #1: Death in Marseilles
An Erotic Thriller Series for YP Erotica
By [email protected]


Barcelona, Spain

My God, she’s gorgeous, Evelyn Colby thought as she looked at the young woman she had met less than an hour earlier.
The nightclub was playing decades-old soft rock and roll classics that were once in English but now in Spanish. The lighting was subdued, and the waitresses were ready to serve if given the slightest hint that their presence and service were wanted. They knew to keep their distance unless otherwise indicated. Every one of them was gorgeous.
“The men kept hitting on me,” the young woman, who had explained that her name was Bianca Ashe-Dalton, said after taking a sip of her champagne cocktail. Evelyn suspected it wasn’t her first cocktail of the evening. She was also hoping it wouldn’t be her last. “I tried to tell them that I wanted to be alone, but they just wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”
Evelyn looked at the girl and wondered about her background. She suspected Bianca came from some money. She was at least solidly middle-class. She had the casual indifference to the price of things—like the bottle of champagne she’d ordered for herself, Evelyn, and Evelyn’s husband, Drake Colby, that suggested without words that whatever she wanted she got, without questions regarding the price of those wants. Only someone with unlimited wealth behaved that way.
“I’m so glad I bumped into you,” Bianca said, touching the back of Evelyn’s hand lightly with her fingertips. “You saved me, and I owe you for that.”
“You owe me nothing,” Evelyn replied, though she was already considering ways in which she could extract a ‘payment’ from Bianca that would ultimately end in having an orgasm that would leave her feeling as though she had been turned inside-out and left completely breathless.
What would her beautiful face look like shimmering with my pussy juice all over it?
The thought made Evelyn close her eye for a moment, and shake her head. Such thoughts were too explicit, too sexually graphic, for her to give them much consideration.
Bianca’s fingers curled around Evelyn’s hand, and Evelyn felt her cunt tighten, clenching at the possibilities of pleasure that the teenage blonde American represented. Evelyn found it difficult to keep her gaze centered on Bianca’ beautiful face, and not stray down to the more-than-ample bosom which was hidden by a rather severe brassiere and a blouse that Evelyn wished was unbuttoned a little more to show something other than just a mere hint of cleavage.
Evelyn moved her thumb very lightly over the back of Bianca’s fingers. It wasn’t truly an intimate caress, but Evelyn’s electrified clitoris tightened because of the slight friction of skin-against-skin. She looked at Bianca’s mouth, the girl’s lips shimmering with lip gloss that made them shine but did not change their color, and wondered what exquisite pleasures would be hers should the two of them kiss.
“Are you at all hungry?” Drake asked.
The sound of her husband’s voice took Evelyn out of her too-brief reverie. She was skilled enough in controlling her emotions to not let her annoyance show in her expression. But the urge to give her husband ‘the look’ was very strong within her.
“Yes, of course,” Evelyn said to Bianca. “I should have asked that earlier. Is there anything…anything at all that you’d like that I can provide for you?” The double entendre could not be missed. At least she hoped it wasn’t.
When Bianca squeezed Evelyn’s hand, Evelyn felt her pussy get just a little wetter, a bit more anticipatory for pleasures of a lesbian variety that Bianca might provide. Evelyn was distinctly aware that she wished her husband weren’t there.
Please, please, please tell me you like licking pussy.
The thought caused Evelyn to once again close her eyes, and give her head a little shake. It was difficult—no, it was impossible—to not fantasize when she had Bianca so close, even though they had only met so recently. Her eyes…her mouth…her tits…there wasn’t anything about her that didn’t make Evelyn’s pussy wet and hungry.
“No,” Bianca said, her voice barely audible above the piped in Spanish music. “Thank you, though. You’ve been wonderful.”
I could be a lot more wonderful if you’d just let me take your panty off.
For the third time in the last several minutes, Evelyn closed her eyes and turned her face to the side to hide her expression. She tried to tell herself that she shouldn’t think such wanton lesbian thoughts—especially not regarding a young woman who was, for all practical purposes, a complete stranger—but good intentions apparently had little impact on her willpower. Or her libido.
When Evelyn managed the self-discipline, she looked at her husband and found him looking at Bianca’s breasts while the girl was paying attention to Evelyn.
He wants to fuck her.
This thought did not particularly disturb Evelyn. She wanted to fuck Bianca, too. She also suspected that all the men, and probably a third to a half of the women in the nightclub, wanted to have sex with Bianca. Who wouldn’t? She was blonde-haired, blue-eyed, gorgeous by any standard of measurement that anyone could apply, and she had the most ample bosom that Evelyn had seen on a woman or girl who wasn’t grotesquely overweight. And there was something about her mouth that elicited thoughts that were nothing less than pornographic.
I’d give a small fortune to kiss her mouth and suck on her nipples.
A shiver went through Evelyn when the thought registered in her brain. She hadn’t intended to think it. The thought just sort of happened all by itself. But once it had slithered its sensual path through her consciousness, she couldn’t deny its existence.
I’ll bet her pussy tastes as fresh as a raindrop. A delicate flavor, like freshly cut muskmelon.
“Oh, my” Evelyn said softly but aloud, then turned her face once again away from Bianca.

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Written by Robin Gideon
Téléchargé May 11, 2021
Notes The Secret Agent, Episode 1

Bianca Ashe-Dalton is the "honey" in the government's honey trap, using her brains, beauty, and unquenchable sexual appetite to lure in the countries most dangerous men and women!
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