The Good Wife's Promotion

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Jenna’s husband, Marc, squeezed her hand under the table. This dinner with his boss, Bruce Bradford, went well so far. Marc was one the newest lawyers at his firm, but his record had him in consideration for a junior partner already. To get his name further up, Marc invited his mentor at the firm for dinner. Jenna played the role of perfect wife, cooking the entire meal and serving both men with a sweet smile. The wiggle of her hips as she moved around the room helped.

His boss leaned back in his chair. “That was amazing pie, Mrs. Pane.”

“I’m glad you think so, Mr. Bradford, but you can call me Jenna. Marc wanted everything perfect, or he’d punish me.”

“He’d punish you? How? A spanking over his lap?”

“If I’m lucky. Probably a whipping.”

“Jenna,” Marc said, a warning in his voice. “I don’t think this is appropriate.”

Her face flooded with warmth and she stared down at her plate. “Sorry, Sir.”

“Go to the bathroom and compose yourself.”

“Yes Sir.” Jenna swallowed and didn’t look at either man as she left her seat. In the bathroom, she splashed her face as she looked in the mirror. She took six deep breaths, then returned to the table.

She gasped when she noticed they had cleared away the dessert dishes. “Should I start the coffee?”

Her eyes bounced between the two men. They had rolled up their sleeves in her absence. Two sets of eyes stared at her. Marc’s blue eyes were dark with anger. Bruce’s brown eyes sparkled with excitement.

“Bruce asked if I really whip you. I offered a demonstration. You were getting one after he left.”

“A whipping?” Jenna whined.

“A spanking.”

“Oh, Yes Sir. I know.” She bowed her head.

“Take off your skirt, then put your hands on the table.”

She focused on Marc while her shaky hands pulled the zipper down.

“Do you just use your hands?” Bruce asked, as the skirt slid down her legs. His tone disclosing him frothing at the chance to touch her lithe young body. He was handsome, but nearing fifty she guessed. Twice her age.

She could do this for Marc, for their future. She grabbed her skirt off the floor and dropped it on the chair.

“Usually,” Marc replied. “Sometimes a paddle or a cane. She hates the whip. Her screams while I flay her skin are beautiful, like a symphony of the pain and pleasure she gets.”

Jenna leaned on the table. Marc walked behind her and caressed her ass, squeezing each cheek. Jenna turned her head. “I’m sorry, Sir.”

“You will be,” he replied. Bruce stood beside him, arms crossed over his chest.

Her thighs trembled. Marc’s hand came down with a loud crack. She didn’t move or moan. Her composure didn’t last through subsequent blows. Marc pushed her to her limit and she didn’t even have to put on a show. It fucking hurt.

Her body shook when he stopped. He rubbed his hand over her tender skin. “Would you like a turn?” he asked his boss.

Jenna sucked in a breath. No other man had touched her ass. She and Marc were high school sweethearts. They were each other’s first and only. Now at twenty-five, her husband offered her to another man.

“How hard?” Bruce asked.

“However you want. I trained her for years to take any amount of pain.”

Jenna’s thighs grew slick from Marc’s praise and the heat in his voice. He was proud of her, for what he taught her, for how she endured his desires.

Bruce didn’t hit as hard. The slaps of skin didn’t fill the room. She still shuddered from the pain.

“What else to you do?” Bruce asked, rubbing her bottom. “Does she do whatever you tell her?”

“We have negotiated limits. She can say no, but she rarely does.” Marc put a hand on her chin and forced her to look at him. She was dazed from the pain and forbidden game they were playing in her dining room. His eyes brought her back to the present.

“If you told her I could touch her, would she obey?” Bruce asked.

“Spread your legs, pet.” Jenna’s body responded even if her body was unsure. “Go ahead.”

An unfamiliar hand probed between her legs. Her pants squished against his fingers as they rubbed her slit. “She’s so wet.”

“She enjoys her spankings. Do you want to make her come?”

“Can I?” Bruce sounded like a lawyer offered unlimited access to the judge’s ear.

“Slip your panties off, pet.”

Jenna’s hands trembled as she pushed the red lace down her legs. How far would Marc go? She looked at her husband, but his face was void of emotion.

Bruce’s hands shook against her inner thighs. She stepped further apart while staring at Marc’s handsome face.

“She likes a firm touch on her clit, but slow. And no less than three fingers in her glorious cunt.”

Jenna’s eyes closed as Bruce pressed his finger on her clit. She didn’t think she’d get as much enjoyment from his hand as she had so far.

She heard Marc’s foot tap on the floor. “Turn around so Bruce can see your face as he touches your pussy.”

“Yes, great idea,” Bruce said.

Marc impressed Jenna with his adept maneuver to control of his boss. Bruce didn’t even notice as he withdrew his hand so she could turn.

Marc stopped Bruce as he reached for Jenna again. “Let’s bare her gorgeous breasts..” His hands quickly unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra, dropping both on the floor. He flicked the rings through each nipple. “I pierced her myself. I want her clitoris pierced, but she’s reluctant.”

“You should do it,” Bruce choked out. “May I touch her?”

Jenna almost snorted at Bruce’s quick submission to Marc, who pinched her nipple. “You take her left, I’ll have the right side. Don’t forget she likes pain.”

Bruce pinched, pulled, and twisted her left nipple. Marc bent his head to suck and lick the right, and Bruce did the same. Marc lifted his head to command, “Bite her.” They bit into her at the same time and she screamed from the double dose of pain.

“If you pinch her clit, she’ll come.”

“Easy like that?”

“I trained her to associate pain with pleasure. She’s so ready.”

Bruce’s fingers closed on

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Written by Asrai Devin
Téléchargé March 10, 2020
Notes When Jenna's husband is up for promotion, she agrees to be the perfect submissive wife to impress his boss
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